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Project Consortium Meeting in Brussels

On October 26th, the Flex4Apps partners gathered in Brussels for their second international consortium meeting.

The agenda was twofold:

  1. Content discussions on use cases, progress and lessons learned

  2. Prepare for the upcoming ITEA3 review in November.

The meeting turned out to be an animated discussion whereby the different partners exchanged numerous tips and tricks about monitoring and analytics. (Did you know that AWS ElasticSearch Domains crash beyond repair when they run out of disk space?)

The 3 major use cases covered by the consortium are:

  1. Advanced log file analysis to detect and debug failures

  2. Use of analytics and logging to support data driven product management and real time personalisation of (SaaS) software applications

  3. Data collection in IoT scenario's whereby connectivity and throughput are highly restricted.

Within each of these use cases, demonstrators, proof of concepts and experiments are being developed and/or conducted.

Below are a couple of pictures of the event.

Flex4Apps meeting

Flex4Apps partners discussing