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Find Your Way in the Digital Transformation Jungle

Everybody is talking about how digital is disrupting each and every business and that you too should transform or die. While this statement is probably true on a generic level, almost every consultant will tell you a different story when it comes to digital transformation. Some claim that chatbots and AI is what you should invest in, others tell you that flexible work and internal social networks are what you need, while it typically doesn't take long before somebody else says that your business will go away once somebody implements a blockchain.

To help companies see the forest through the trees, Flex4Apps partner Sirris, together with Agoria, the sector federation for the Belgian technology industry, launched the Digital Journey Tracker to help companies navigate the digital transformation. Instead of trying to define an overall process the digital journey tracker identifies 3 major fields of impact: digital might have an impact on a company's offering, its business model and/or its organization. For each of these 3 fields, a number of suggestions are done on how digital impacts that field, and what capabilities a company has to develop to master that field.

The Flex4Apps project contributed to the digital journey tracker with insights on designing intimacy at scale, harvesting usage data and joining the API economy.